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Listing and Fulfillment Automation
Listing and Fulfillment Automation
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Automation Overview

Lysted uses Sync, an industry leading in-house software to help you automate many of the tasks associated with the ticket selling process.

There are two different classes of automation on the platform – pricing and listing / fulfillment. We will go over pricing in a separate article. There is NO extra charge for automated listing and fulfillment. This is a free service that you can opt into.

Anytime a ticket is purchased, the system will recognize a purchase was made and add that ticket into Lysted for you. In most cases the ticket will automatically transfer the ticket to the buyer once it sells. If you’re set up on automated fulfillment, we guarantee the order is sent to the buyer before the in-hand date. If the automation is unable to fill the order for any reason, around the week of the event our team will manually transfer that ticket to the buyer on your behalf.

To set up automated listing and fulfillment, you’ll need to enable email forwarding and add all your ticket purchasing accounts into Lysted.

The system uses email forwarding as triggers to perform actions. For example, when a ticket purchase is made our automation reads the email confirmation that is sent to you from Ticketmaster. That's how the system knows that you made a purchase, and then takes the action to list that purchase for you.

Our system will also need access to your account (Ticketmaster, AXS etc) to be able to add relevant ticket details such as barcode numbers and cost. It will also need access to the account username and password to initiate ticket transfers to buyers.

**For a full step-by-step walkthrough with images & email filter, click HERE.**

Email Forwarding

The chart below will show you the basics of email forwarding. Each one of these gray boxes represents a different email address or account you may have on Ticketmaster, AXS or anywhere you may purchase tickets from. Each of those email addresses must auto forward to one catch-all inbox. We recommend you use Gmail inboxes for this.

The idea here is that all your different email addresses automatically flow into one place. We’ll have you set email filters on that catch-all inbox, so very specific emails get forwarded to our system. Purchase confirmations, authentication codes and various other emails are used as triggers to tell the automation to perform actions.

Email forwarding is a crucial aspect of the automation system and is mandatory. Without email forwarding, we cannot guarantee the fulfillment of your orders and it is 100% your responsibility to make sure tickets get delivered to buyers.

The video at the top of the page and button below will provide you with step by step instructions for how to set up email forwarding.

Add Accounts

The next step in setting up automation is adding all of your ticket purchasing accounts into Lysted. Upon receiving a purchase confirmation email forward, the system will access your Ticketmaster account to retrieve relevant data required to list your tickets. The system also uses these account credentials to transfer tickets to buyers. Accurate login information must be added into Lysted prior to making purchases for this to work. If a password is wrong, the system will be unable to list or transfer any tickets on that specific account.

To add logins:

  1. Navigate to the settings tab within Lysted

  2. Go to the logins tab at the top of the screen

  3. Click the add button then select your desired marketplace

  4. Enter the username and password for that website.

We can bulk import logins for you as well. We just need a spreadsheet with three columns- marketplace, email, and password.

Logins Page

You can use the account filters to filter down your accounts by marketplace, email address or to only see accounts with password errors.

If the system attempts to access your account three times and is unable to do so, it will flag that account for a bad password and add display this red "hand" icon. You can click anywhere on the account to update the password.

Click the three dots to the right of your account, and you’ll see other actions that you can take. You can delete an account if you no longer want it in Lysted.

The account sweep button will instruct the automation to access that account to look for new purchases and pull relevant ticket information into our system. It will take some time for account sweeps to complete, we suggest waiting at least 30 minutes for this process to complete.

Upon a sweep purchases made on AXS or Ticketmaster within the past 12 hours will be automatically added into Lysted. Listing inventory through account sweeps will only work for Ticketmaster and AXS.

Note: You are responsible for notating any applicable disclosures (Limited View, ADA Accessible, etc.) in the public notes section of your listing. While automation can pull disclosures through, that information is not always available in the ticket details upon initial sweep and would ultimately fall on you to disclose any obstructions prior to sale.

If email forwarding is enabled, and accurate logins are entered into Lysted prior to making purchases, then account sweeps and inventory listing is automatically initiated.

Its very important that if you’re set up on automation you do not manually add missing purchases. This can cause duplicate listings and may result in costly penalties.

If you are missing a purchase that should have been automated, and an account sweep does not add it please contact our support team. Provide the email address of the account that was used for the purchase and the order number. We will be able to identify why the automation failed, fix it for future purchases and pull the listing in through the automated system.

If the section, row and seat numbers on your listing match your account exactly then an account sweep will also populate barcode numbers and set your listing up for auto fulfillment. If you wait 30 minutes and barcodes do not populate, please contact our support team. We may need to manually match the listing between Lysted and Sync to get barcodes to populate.

Automated Fulfillment

If the automation system listed your tickets for you, in most cases it will automatically transfer those tickets to the buyer. You can see the fulfillment status on both the sales and fulfillment pages to see if transfers were successful. If a transfer fails, our team will manually transfer that ticket to the buyer around the week of the event.

It is pay on delivery on most of the various exchanges, so you will not be paid on that sale until it is delivered to the buyer. If you don’t want to wait for our team to transfer the ticket, you are welcome to use the fulfillment tab and transfer it manually.

If you are set up on automation but had to manually list tickets for one reason or another, our team can still manage the order fulfillment for that sale. You must add an internal note to your listing that details what account that tickets are located in. If there are no internal notes added, then it is your responsibility to manage the fulfillment of that order. Email forwarding MUST be enabled, and an accurate login must also be added into Lysted so we can access the tickets.

For our team to take responsibility for your fulfillment email forwarding must be enabled. All listings must have an internal note detailing the account in which the tickets are located in. Accurate login information for the account must also be entered into Lysted in the Settings --> Logins area.

Setup Complete

Once you enable email forwarding and add all of your purchasing accounts into Lysted the automation set up is complete. If you’d like assistance in setting up automation for listing and fulfillment, feel free to contact our support team. We will be happy to provide detailed instructions and support along the way.

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