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Important Disclosures

Why we collect credit card and tax information

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Important Disclosures

It’s free to sign up for Lysted, and we don’t charge a fee unless your tickets sell. However, sales that take place on Lysted are fully guaranteed to buyers, and unable to be cancelled for any reason.

Please review the disclosures below, to make sure you understand our policies. As is customary when selling tickets on any website, there may be severe financial repercussions if mistakes arise.

Unfulfilled Orders

If you’re unable to deliver tickets, there may be financial penalties levied.

By signing up for a Lysted account, you agree to take full responsibility for the accuracy of your listings and to fulfill orders exactly as they are sold by the listed “in-hand” date.

If tickets are unable to be provided, you agree to pay liquidated damages in the amount equal to the cost of obtaining equivalent tickets to fulfill the order. If equivalent tickets are not obtainable, you agree to pay all penalties that are charged by the selling marketplace for the unfulfilled sale. These penalties can vary, but on average are around 200% of the sale price.

If the tickets provided are deemed to be invalid by the selling marketplace, you agree to pay all penalties charged by the marketplace for the denial of entry and refund Lysted 100% of the proceeds for that sale.

If an event is cancelled after payment has been made, you agree to refund Lysted 100% of the proceeds for that sale.

Payments and Tax Implications

You will be required to activate a Hyperwallet account to claim your payments. Hyperwallet is owned by PayPal, and is known to be one of the most secure and reliable third-party payment vendors. They will facilitate the direct deposit of funds into your desired bank account. We reserve the right to change payment providers and systems at our sole discretion.

By receiving a payment from Lysted, you may be issued a Form 1099 which would inform the IRS of any sales activity. The issuance of this form is dependent on the current threshold of sales volume and transactions as required by law.

Prior to claiming payments, you will be required to provide a Form W-9, which will be collected and verified for accuracy with the IRS through Hyperwallet. Failure to provide accurate information that can be verified with the IRS may result in your payments being delayed or withheld.

It is your responsibility to abide by all local tax laws and regulations. Lysted does not withhold any funds for tax payment purposes.

For more information regarding our policies please refer to the full terms of service.

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