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Listing Cutoff Times

When tickets are removed from marketplaces

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Each marketplace removes listings and considers them expired at different points in time. You can use this article as a general guide to when listings are going to be removed.

Please be advised, the expiration of listings can vary based on ticket type, event and other external factors. Expiration of listings is at the sole discretion of each marketplace.


  • Event Time


  • After Event - Variable on the type of event

    • Nascar: 2 Hours

    • Formula 1: 2 Hours

    • Indycar: 2 Hours

    • Monster Truck: 2 Hours

    • Motocross: 2 Hours

    • Golf: 4 Hours

    • Tennis: 3 Hours

    • Horse Racing: 2 Hours

    • Fights/Boxing/MMA: 4 Hours(or until headline fight)

    • Wrestling/WWE: 2 Hours

    • Rodeo: 2 Hours

    • Concerts: 90 Minutes

    • Remaining event types: 1 Hour


  • East Coast Events = 3 hrs after event start time

  • West Coast Events = Event Start Time

Ticket Network

  • Event Time

  • Multi Day Events = Past event time

Vivid Seats

  • 2 Hours after event time


  • 3 Hours after event time

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