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Cancelled / Postponed Events
Cancelled / Postponed Events

What happens when events are cancelled or postponed?

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It's quite common for events to be cancelled or postponed, and exchanges handle each of these scenarios differently.


Events that are postponed will take place at a later date. Sometimes new dates are assigned immediately, and other times they are "TBD". Sales for postponed events are still valid, as the customer is able to use the tickets for the new date. The only exception to this rule is Ticketmaster re-sale sales. Customers have the right to cancel Ticketmaster re-sale sales if they request to do so.

If a customer cancels a Ticketmaster re-sale sale, you'll be notified and the listing will be put back into your inventory so you can re-sell it. Its not uncommon for Ticketmaster to take a while to return the tickets to your account. If you're not seeing them after a few days or the event is approaching, you can contact our support team and we will reach out to Ticketmaster on your behalf.


Sales for cancelled events are voided and all funds must be refunded to buyers. If you have already been paid on the sale, our team will be recouping those funds from you. Once our accounting team processes the order cancellations, we will withhold the funds from future payments. You'll see a line item for each refund on your next remittance. If you don't have enough sales to cover the refunds, our team will charge the credit card on file.

You will be receiving refunds from the primary point of purchase, so the only financial loss you are incurring is the profit that was generated on those sales.

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