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Payment Basics

Our payment policy is “we pay you, once we get paid”. We are paid on delivery with the exchanges, meaning they pay us once tickets are delivered to the buyers. This means that you don’t have to wait until after the event to get paid.

Once a sale is fulfilled and the fulfillment status updates to "complete", it takes around two weeks for payments to post. Sometimes it can be faster, and other times slightly longer, depending on various conditions.

You’re able to track the payment status within the sales tab on each sale, under the event name on the sales report. The white box is “pending” – that means we have not received payment from the exchanges yet. The yellow box is “processing” – that means we have received payment from the exchange, and the sale will be paid on your next remittance. The green box is “paid” – that means you have been paid on that sale.

The quick filter on the sales tab will allow you to filter by each of these payment statuses so you keep an accurate accounts receivable log.


Each Monday a detailed spreadsheet is uploaded into your “remittances” tab in Lysted. Remittances are excel spreadsheets that contain records of each of your sales that are included on weekly payments. You'll be able to see exactly how much you were paid, and which sales make up that total payment amount

Remittance cutoff times are Wednesday at 11:59pm PST. So if we were paid on a sale before Wednesday at 11:59pm PST, that sale will be included on the upcoming Monday's remittance. If a payment came through on Thursday or later, then it will be included on the following weeks remittance.

Important Payment Days


Every Monday, remittances are uploaded into your account. This should take place before 10 AM PT.

Later that same day, you'll receive an email titled "Your Payment from Lysted" from our secure payment provider Hyperwallet. This is how you'll know the payment was sent.


Funds that were detailed on Monday's remittance will be deposited into your bank account each Tuesday. The only exception, is if there is a banking holiday on a Monday. If there is a holiday and the banks are closed on Monday, payments will hit your account on Wednesday.

Claim Your Payment Instructions

Lysted uses a system called Hyperwallet to manage the flow of funds. Hyperwallet is owned by PayPal and is known to be the most secure and reliable third party payment vendor. ACH payments will be issued each Monday and the funds should be received on Tuesday - Wednesday.

We currently support payments to bank accounts in the countries and currencies listed below. If you don’t have a bank account located in the below list of approved countries, you can easily obtain a USA bank account on

Approved Countries

  • United States (USD)

  • Canada (USD & CAD)

  • United Kingdom (GBP & EUR)

  • Mexico (MXN)

  • Aland Islands (EUR)

  • American Samoa (USD)

  • Andorra (EUR)

  • Argentina (ARS)

  • Australia (AUD)

  • Austria (EUR)

  • Bangladesh (BDT)

  • Belgium (EUR)

  • Bulgaria (EUR)

  • Christmas Island (AUD)

  • Cocos (Keeling) Islands (AUD)

  • Colombia (COP)

  • Croatia (EUR)

  • Cyprus (EUR)

  • Czechia (EUR)

  • Denmark (DKK)

  • Dominican Republic (DOP)

  • Estonia (EUR)

  • Faroe Islands (DKK)

  • Finland (EUR)

  • France (EUR)

  • Germany (EUR)

  • Gibraltar (EUR & GBP)

  • Greece (EUR)

  • Greenland (DKK)

  • Guam (USD)

  • Guernsey (EUR & GBP)

  • Hong Kong SAR China (HKD)

  • Hungary (EUR)

  • Iceland (EUR)

  • India (INR)

  • Indonesia (IDR)

  • Ireland (EUR)

  • Isle of Man (EUR & GBP)

  • Israel (ILS)

  • Italy (EUR)

  • Jamaica (JMD)

  • Japan (JPY)

  • Jersey (EUR & GBP)

  • Latvia (EUR)

  • Liechtenstein (CHF & EUR)

  • Lithuania (EUR)

  • Luxembourg (EUR)

  • Malaysia (MYR)

  • Malta (EUR)

  • Micronesia (USD)

  • Monaco (EUR)

  • Morocco (MAD)

  • Nepal (NPR)

  • Netherlands (EUR)

  • New Zealand (NZD)

  • Norfolk Island (AUD)

  • Northern Mariana Islands (USD)

  • Norway (EUR & NOK)

  • Pakistan (PKR)

  • Peru (PEN)

  • Philippines (PHP & USD)

  • Poland (EUR)

  • Portugal (EUR)

  • Puerto Rico (USD)

  • Romania (EUR)

  • San Marino (EUR)

  • Singapore (SGD)

  • Slovakia

  • Slovenia (EUR)

  • Spain (EUR)

  • Sri Lanka (LKR)

  • St. Barthelemy (EUR)

  • St. Martin (EUR)

  • St. Pierre & Miquelon (EUR)

  • Sweden (SEK & EUR)

  • Switzerland (CHF & EUR)

  • Tunisia (TND)

  • U.S. Virgin Islands (USD)

  • United Arab Emirates (AED)

  • Vatican City (USD)

Upon your first payment, you will receive an email titled "Your payment from Lysted" from sender "[email protected]". You will not receive this email until your first payment is sent.

Click the "Activate" button to proceed in setting up your Hyperwallet account. Select "verify my account using my Pay Portal ID".

To find your Pay Portal ID navigate to Lysted and go to your settings tab. Your Pay Portal ID is the unique code pictured below. Enter that code into the verification field on Hyperwallet.

The next step will ask if you are operating as an individual or business. Please select the proper field, and fill out the requested personal or business information here. Once this information is filled out hit continue.


Hyperwallet will then ask for you to create a password, set security questions and agree to legal agreements. There is a disclosure here that fees may apply, please be aware you will not be paying any fees for this service. Our company covers all of the fees associated with Hyperwallet

Once you complete this step, your Hyperwallet account is officially created. You'll now be asked to fill out your taxpayer information. This is required for us to be able to issue a 1099 at the end of the year, as required by law. Select if you are a US citizen or a foreign person and follow the prompts.

On this step it is absolutely crucial that you use accurate information. What you enter here must match the information on your tax return, otherwise it may be rejected during Hyperwallet's verification process. If you are a business your business name and EIN must match your tax return exactly. If you are an individual your name and SSN must match your tax return exactly.

As long as you enter the proper information, Hyperwallet will tell you the tax information has been properly verified.

You'll then be taken to the Account Summary page. At this page you will need to enter your bank account information where you'd like to receive your funds. Hit the add transfer method button and enter your bank account information

Once the payment information has been entered, your Hyperwallet account is officially activated. At the top of the page you can navigate the Hyperwallet site.

The History tab will allow you to view your transaction history.

When a payment is sent, you will also receive an email to track your payment. If you click the track your payment button you can see a real time payment status update.

Update Banking Information

The Transfer tab within Hyperwallet will allow you to view and edit or update your bank account information. Click on "action" and then "update".

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