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Sales Tab
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When you sell a ticket you’ll be sent an email notification that will contain all of the details of the sale. This information can also be found immediately in your Sales Tab.

By default, the Sales Tab will display any sales that were made today. Click the date range and adjust for the data you’d like to see. You can filter down your date range by both sale date and event date.

Similar to the Inventory Tab, you have totals on the sales page will update as you filter. In the chart below the totals you can see all of the details about each of your sales.

The P&L and payout columns take our fee and the marketplace fees into account. This is your true payout and profit for each sale.

Fulfillment status shows if the tickets have been delivered to the buyer. The in-hand date is the deadline for when tickets must be sent to the buyer.

There is more granular filtering available on the quick filter drop down. You can filter down your sales by specific fulfillment and payment status or stock type. For example, if you filter by pending remit, you’ll be able to see all of the sales that you are still waiting to be paid on.

You can use the search bar for granular filtering as well. If you search sec:sectionname it will only pull up sales for that specific section. The same functionality exists for rows. Multiple filters can be applied until you reach your desired data set.

You can export this data into a spreadsheet by clicking the export button. If the export button is grayed out, that means there is too much data to export. Reduce the date range and do multiple exports if needed.

This page has customizable columns. If there is data that you’d prefer not to see, you can hide columns. You can also move columns around to create a custom display.

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