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Manual Order Fulfillment

How to Manage Order Delivery in the Fulfillment Tab

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The Fulfillment Tab will bring up all the sales on your account, and allow you to fulfill your orders

You must fulfill all of your orders by the listed in-hand date. For sales that take place day of event, you must fulfill orders immediately. Orders must also be fulfilled exactly as they are sold (same event, section, row). Otherwise exchanges have the right to cancel the sale with penalties.

You can filter down your sales by fulfillment status. The “pending” filter will pull up orders you still need to send those tickets to the customer. You can also filter by the stock type, and sort the data by inbox (the order they’ve come in), event date, or in-hand date. We recommend in-hand date, as that’s the due date that you need to deliver the tickets to the buyer by.

Click anywhere on the order to pull up the fulfillment information.

Delivering E-Ticket / Mobile QR

E-Tickets or Mobile QRs are downloadable tickets that can either be printed (E-Ticket) or presented on a mobile device (Mobile QR). To deliver these sales, you attach the actual tickets which are downloadable PDF file(s) to the order within the fulfillment tab.

Delivering Mobile Transfers

Mobile transfers are tickets that can be transferred from your account directly into the buyers account on Ticketmaster and similar websites. This includes the "AXS Mobile" and "Mobile transfer" stock types in Lysted.

When you pull up the order information on a mobile transfer sale, you'll see the name and email address of the customer.

You'll need to log into Ticketmaster or whatever account your tickets are located in, and transfer them directly to the buyer.

Once you transfer the tickets, you'll need to provide proof of transfer so we know you've sent them to the buyer. Proof of transfer is a screenshot of the transfer confirmation that is emailed to you when you initiate the transfer. Make sure the transfer proof includes the buyers email address.

It is VERY important to attach proof of transfer. It is mandatory. We must provide this proof to the selling marketplace for them to issue payment to us. If you don’t attach proof of transfer, our team and the selling marketplace are unable to know that you fulfilled the sale.

If proof of transfer is not uploaded and the sale goes past the in-hand date, it’s possible the order is cancelled with penalties even if you sent the tickets.

Acceptable Proof of Transfers

  • Show the correct event, date, section, row, seats and ticket quantity (as many as possible)

  • Clearly demonstrates the completed transfer to the correct recipient email

  • Is clear and legible (avoid camera pictures of other screens)

Unacceptable Proof of Transfers

  • Do not show the email address of the transfer recipient

Delivering Hard Tickets

Hard tickets are traditional paper tickets or wristbands that need to be shipped directly to a buyer via FedEx or UPS. When you're ready to ship tickets to buyers you can request a shipping label from us by clicking the Request Airbill button.

Only request shipping labels when you are ready to send tickets to buyers. Orders must be shipped immediately once you receive the label, otherwise exchanges may cancel the sale with penalties.

Once you make the request, our team will upload the shipping label for you. This process is not immediate, once we are able to obtain the shipping label and upload it into Lysted you'll receive an email notification.

At that point, you'll see the shipping label available for download. Take your tickets to the appropriate shipping store (FedEx or UPS) along with your tickets. Package and ship them directly to the buyer using the label provided.

You must ship tickets with the provided labels, as this is how the exchanges track the delivery of your tickets. Never create your own shipping label to send tickets to buyers.

Importance of Accuracy

Fulfillment is the most important aspect of this platform. You have to make sure you’re fulfilling all of your orders exactly as they are sold. The exact event, venue, date, section, and row must be fulfilled with 100% accuracy.

If for any reason you are unable to fulfill an order, you made a mistake when listing, or miss the in-hand date the selling marketplace has the right to cancel the sale and charge you a penalty. On average this penalty is around 200% of the sale price, but we have seen instances of higher penalties for high profile events.

Mistakes can be very costly, so please make sure you are transposing accurate information and fulfilling all your orders in time.

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