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Manually Pricing your Listings
Manually Pricing your Listings

Learn how to manually price within Lysted

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Click anywhere under “list” to adjust your price. This is your list price that is pushed to the resale marketplaces. This list price is before our fee or marketplace fees. This number is not what you’ll be paid once the tickets sell. You can adjust your price and press save pricing to make updates as you see fit.

To get an estimate range of what you’ll be paid, you should subtract 8-14% off of this list price depends on each website.

Your tickets will never display on the re-sale website at the exact price that you have posted in Lysted. Each exchange adjusts the display price that the customer sees on their end. Some websites will show the customer a lower price, and add fees at the end of the transaction. Other websites will include all of the fees and display a higher price to the customer.

Your payout is always based upon the price that you’ve entered into Lysted. When you adjust a price, and press the tab button, you’ll see the Vivid Seats display price next to your listing. This is going to be what the buyer sees on Vivids website.

If you click the three dots under the "List" column, there are links that go directly to Stubhub and Vivid Seats for this event. These are shortcuts purely for convenience purposes, and has nothing to do with your tickets actually being posted on those websites.

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see one or both of them there. You can use these links to see what other people are listing tickets for and price yours appropriately. If you want to be at a specific display price on Vivid Seats you can simply continue to adjust your list price until it corresponds with your desired Vivid display price.

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